Social Impact

We love to invest in companies that also have social impact. Most of these are for-profit investments, which we evaluate like any other investment, based on the people. But a few are charitable donations.

Social impact investments:
  • Arivale - a wellness service personalized to you - based on your genome, microbiome, blood samples
  • Bigfoot Biomedical - is developing a closed-loop insulin delivery system for anybody with Type I diabetes
  • Bridge International Academies - builds private schools in Africa aiming to educate 1mm students
  • Bright Farms - builds greenhouse farms on roofs of supermarkets, to grow fresher produce at half the cost
  • Causes - helps non-profits and charities grow awareness and raise money using social media
  • Clara Foods - is developing a process to create "animal-free" egg whites, taking the chicken out of the equation
  • Codecademy - learn to code and write computer programs, on a free web site
  • Edusoft - helps schools assess student and teacher performance. Acquired by Houghton Mifflin
  • FarmlandLP - converts conventional farmland to organic, sustainable farmland
  • Farmigo - helps small farms sell food over the internet
  • iBeat - a heart monitor that saves lives by warning your family and doctors in the case of an emergency
  • IndieGogo - helps all sorts of organizations with crowd-funding
  • OPOWER - helps consumers save electricity
  • PaperKarma - unsubscribe from junk mail by simply taking its picture with your mobile phone
  • Virgin Pure - easy access to pure water, without bottles
Charitable donations:
  • - every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code
  • Teach For America - recruits top grads from colleges to spend 2-3 years as teachers in public schools
  • Vittana - micro-loans for students - everyday consumers lend money to students in 3rd world countries
  • New Schools Venture Fund - invests in organizations and schools to drive education reform
  • Food Corps - brings healthy food to our nation's schools and our children
  • Keep A Child Alive - helps keep African children affected by AIDS by providing supplies, medicine, and support services
  • I Am Scholarship - helps low-income children pay for college