22 Successful exits (acquisitions and IPOs):

37 Still going:

  • At LinkExchange, Tellme, and iLike, we were part of the founding team, also investors. 
  • Pinterest wasn't a direct investment, but rather via the acquisition of Livestar
  • Familiar and Thinkfuse acquisitions returned $ invested + interest
  • Reputation.com wasn't a direct investment, but rather via the acquisition of PaperKarma
  • At Facebook, TrialPay, and MyHeritage, we received shares as advisors, not as investors. 
  • AirBnB and PracticeFusion were not seed investments, we invested at a much higher valuation in 2011.
  • Zappos was partly a seed investment via the VentureFrogs venture fund, partly a future investment in their Series C financing.
  • At Taser we weren't seed investors. Ali invested in the pre-IPO "friends and family" round. The company is now called Axon, and Hadi now serves on the Board of Directors. 

7 Unsuccessful (ROI < 0):

BuyerWeb     Earn.com     JamLegend
Opzi    PracticeFusion

Earn.com (formerly 21e6) was acquired by Coinbase and our investment lost money
JamLegend was shut down and was acquired by Zynga.
Opzi ran out of cash, and so did another company that asked not to be named.
PracticeFusion was acquired at a low valuation, and our investment didn't generate returns.
BuuyerWeb and OpenHarbor both went out of business during the 2001 recession: